Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Impressions from the SCS Touring Choir concert in Modica

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"Siete veramente bravi!" - third SCS Touring Choir Sicily concert enchants audience

What better place to present the third and final concert in Italian soil for the SCS Touring Choir then the Duomo di San Giorgio in Modica: On June 30, the 43 singers under the direction of Mrs. Arlene Jacobs from Akron, Ohio enchanted the audience at the main cathedral of the UNESCO World Heritage town during their 2009 Incantato Tour of Sicily and Malta. "Siete veramente bravi", the locals told the choir ("you are truly very good") and the asked for "Bis, Bis, Bis" (Encore, Encore, Encore) long before the concert was over. Again, the Italian folk songs were audience favorites and several of the older people heartily sang along.
The group is off to Malta where they sing at on July 1 at 6:30 pm at Santa Helen's Church in Birkirkara.
Below is a recording of Brahm's "Mainacht", for more videos, please visit www.youtube.com/incantatoours

SCS Touring Choir Concert at San Giorgio Duomo in Modica on June 29 at 7:30 pm

The southeast area of Sicily is universally recognized as the capital of Baroque art, music and architecture influences. And the San Giorgio Duomo in Modica, the third concert venue for the SCS Touring Choir on its 2009 Incantato Sicily and Malta Performance tour, is frequently described as the monument and reported symbol of the late Baroque architectural style that characterizes all of this city. The art historian Maurizio Fagiolo dell'Arco said that the church may be inserted between the seven wonders in the baroque world. The touring choir will be performing their "Sing!Kanta!Canta" concert programm in the natural acoustics of San Giorgio on June 30 at 7:30 PM.

This performance concludes the concert series on Italian soil as the groups departs on July 1 via ferry boat to Malta for three more performances and two cultural exchanges.

New pictures from the SCS Touring Choir adventures abroad

Choir Manager Mr. William Cook added new pictures to his album, click here to check them out.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Impressions from the SCS Touring Choir Concert in Noto

"Wonderful accoustics" make second SCS Touring Choir Concert in Noto very special

The SCS Touring Choir under the direction of Mrs. Arlene Jacobs presented its second formal concert during their 2009 Incantato Performance Tour to Sicily & Malta in the beautiful baroque church of San Carlo al Corso in Noto to small, yet very appreciate audience of about 60 locals and tourists. A local artists was so impressed with the performance that he went to his studio and brought one of his paintings which he presented as a gift to the artistic director. The singers kicked off the concert by singing "Santa Lucia" in front of the church as you can see in the video below. It was a very special concert for the 43 singers from Akron, Ohio who excelled in their performance. Dr. Frank Jacobs, founder of the Summit Choral Society, commented on the wonderful accoustics in the church as well as the "gorgeous decorations of the altar".

Fore more recordings from the concert, visit www.youtube.com/incantatotours.

SCS Touring Choir Concert at San Carlo al Corso in Noto on June 29 at 8:30 pm

It's another concert day for Summit in Sicily! On June 29 at 8:30 PM, the SCS Touring Choir under the direction of Mrs Arlene Jacobs is presenting the second formal concert of their 2009 Incantato Performance at the Church of San Carlo al Corso. The Church of San Carlo al Corso was dedicated to San Carlo Borromeo - the church of the convent of the Jesuits of Noto. The construction of the building began in 1730, the church is designed a longitudinal plan with three naves covered by a barrel-vaulted and divided by half.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Video from the SCS Touring Choir Concert in Taormina: Hava Nashira

First SCS Concert on 2009 Incantato Performance Tour a huge success - full house and great sound

Just a short post to let you know that the first SCS Touring Choir Concert on the 2009 Incantato Performance Tour to Sicily & Malta was a huge success. The singers had a full house at the beautiful church of Santa Cantarina in Taormina - the audience actually was even listening from outside as all seats were long taken. Some people even insisted on sitting down during rehearsal and stayed until the very end. Monsignore (Father) Cesare thanked the group from Akron, Ohio for their inspiring performance and joined in the minute-long applause from the mostly Sicilian audience. Favorites were Younger's Kyrie Eleison, Shiru, Dirait-on, Shiru and the encore spiritual. The audience cheered the choir on as they sang two Italian folk songs. More pictures and videos will follow. It surely was "wunderbar" and guess what I discovered on my way home. Buena notte, good-night from Italy --- Sandra

For a video of "La Barchetta", visit www.youtube.com/incantatotours

What do SCS and Michael Jackson have in common? They are top news in Malta

Have a look at this very special story on the SCS Touring Choir, but do get your Maltese dictionary out when you click on this website

Impressions from the SCS Touring Choir Concert in Taormina

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SCS Touring choir performs at Chiesa di Santa Caterina Duomo in Taormina at 8 pm on June 28

The SCS Touring Choir performance debut on their 2009 Incantato Performance Tour is at the church of Santa Caterina in the picturesque medieval town of Taormina in Sicily.
The 43 singers directed by Mrs. Arlene Jacobs and accompanied by Mrs. Kathy Reichenberger present a repertoire of classical and modern works from European and American composers such as Palestrina, Ravel, Haydn and Lauridsen. The will also premier Dorn Younger's work "Brahm's Lullaby" internationally. The concert starts at 8 pm.
The beautiful church was consecrated to St. Catherine of Alexandria (exact consecration date unknown); it is thought that it may have been built in the mid-17th century. It sits on a piazza that abuts the highest point of the town's main street, Corso Umberto I. Within its severely dignified exterior are baroque detailing and a trussed wood-beamed ceiling. We hope you enjoy the few impressions from Taormina and updates on the first concert abroad will follow later today.

Impressions from Taormina, Sicily

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 4 of the SCS Touring Choir Journey: Fun-filled day in Catania

The SCS Touring Choir explored Catania yesterday on the way to the Etna Archeo Park. Before having the chance to taste some of the local specialties, Sicilian Arrancini and Calzone, during lunch in chaperone groups, the group had a chance to see the local market and also sang for a newly wed couple. Here are some pictures and a little video.

Spaghetti welcome dinner for choir and the newly arrived parents and friends of the choir

The 14 members of the Shadow Tour arrived only little late it Catania on June 27. After a short bus ride to the hotel, the parents and friends of the singers joined the group for a spaghetti welcome dinner.

Day 3 of the SCS Touring Choir Journey: Next stop Catania

The singers under the direction of Mrs. Arlene Jacobs enjoyed a good night of sleep after a hearty welcome dinner with typical Sicilian pasta "alla norma" in a hearty tomato sauce with roasted eggplant and grated ricotta cheese, followed by cordon blue with roasted potatoes and ice-cream. Next stop will be Catania, the second largest city in Sicily where the group stops for lunch and to see the market. They then continue to thei next hotel near the Etna volcano (not that near that you have to fear anything) where they will be joined by the shadow tour members for a spaghetti feast. Arriverderci from Modica --Sandra

Want to say hello to the singers? Post a comment on the blog

Dear Family and Friends of the SCS Touring Choir members. This blog is designed as an open communication tool between the travelers and you at home. So feel free to post comments as our Incantato On Tour Team Stefania, Ember and Sandra will gladly pass them on to the group. We hope you enjoy the updates and also encourage you to visit SCS Choir Manager William Cook's photo gallery.

Friday, June 26, 2009

SCS Touring Choir sings for the first time onn foreign soil

Soon after landing in Malta, the youth choir from Akron, Ohio sang - just for fun - in the hotel lobby of the Phoenician in Malta: Enjoy and feel free to visit our youtube channel as the quality of the videos there is much better: youtube.com/incantatours

First Impressions from the 2009 Incantato Performance Tour for the Summit Touring Choir

Finally here we are, said Dr. Frank Jacobs as the group of 52 from Akron, Ohio got off the bus in Malta's capital city Valetta. And a pleasant surprise awaited the SCS Touring Choir at the Phoenicia Hotel. Icecold water and fresh Maltese pastizzi awaited the travelers in the lush gardenf of the 5 star Grand Hotel that kindly had offered to host them for the few hours on the island prior to catching the ferry boat to Sicily - and the group very much appreciated the warm welcome. If it only hadn't been so hot this day. After being offered a cooler place in the lobby bar, the choir thanked the staff with two Italian songs.

What's Malta's favorite savory pastry?

Summit Touring Choir lands safe and sound in Malta

Welcome to the islands dear singers under the direction of Mrs. Arlene Jacobs

SCS arrived safe and only a little late in Frankfurt - On the plane to Malta now

The SCS Touring Choir 2009 Sicily & Malta Incantato Performance Tour is off to a good start. The group arrived almost 90 minutes late in Frankfurt, but their carrier Lufthansa was kind enough to hold the connecting flight to Malta and so the 52 travelers from Akron, Ohio are now on their way to the beautiful island. Upon arrival, Tour Manager Stefania will pick them up and bring them to the Phoenicia Hotel where a suprise Pastizzi Tasting awaits them in the beautiful lush garden area. At 6 pm, the singers, their director and chaperones will board the ferry to Sicily.
More updates will follow as the tour continues.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SCS Touring Choir in the news - Again ; )

Now the SCS Touring Choir is also on the front page of the Gozo News.
The Malta Times printed the following story about the SCS Touring Choir Journey to Malta - enjoy:

"Sing! Kanta! Canta!" is the theme of the 2009 international Performance Tour that brings 43 young singers from Akron, Ohio (USA) toSicily and Malta from June 26 to July 6, 2009.

The SCS Touring Choir is directed by Mrs Arlene Jacobs who has been teaching most of the singers for five or more years as part of the choral training at the Summit Choral Society. The touring choir is the top ensemble of this privately funded non-profit music school and for many of the girls and boys, the journey abroad is also their departure from the program as they graduate high school and leave home for college.

The choir toured China, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic in recent years .

"Originally the group wanted to go to Greece, but it didn't take long to change their mind and bring them to Malta - I just had to tell them about my experiences, the wonderful people and show them how stunningly beautiful the islands and venues are" said Sandra Weinacht, founder of Incantato Tours, a US-based boutique performance tour company. She was here as part of the first school exchange between Germany and the Malta in 1990.

The choir brings a repertoire of classical and modern works from European and American composers and also an original composition written especially for the journey to the islands by American composer Dorn Younger who will be joining the choir on tour. When collaboration with Schola Cantorum Jubilate of Gozo emerged, the American singers added a composition by Maltese composer Paul Portelli to their repertoire.

After three concerts in Sicily, the SCS Touring Choir arrives in Malta on July 1 and is going to be the featured guest choir for Mass and a benefit concert to aid the Richmond Foundation at St. Helen's Church in Birkirkara (6:30 pm). On July 2 in the afternoon, the American students will be visiting the Johann Strauss Music School in Valetta for a meeting with members of the school choir and staff.

Gozo is the destination for the singers on Friday, July 3. After sightseeing in the morning, the choir heads to the National Shrine of Ta' Pinu to meet with members of the Gozitan Schola Cantorum Jubilate.

The choir's last performance will be at St. John's Co-Cathedral on July 4 at 6 pm when the singers are the featured guest choir for Mass.

And here is the link from the Malta Time if you would like to see it online: http://www.timesofmalta.com/life/view/20090624/features/american-choir-for-malta-tour

And the GozoNews article: http://gozonews.com/featured/sing-kanta-canta-us-choir-to-visit-gozo-in-july/

Thursday, June 18, 2009

SCS Touring Choir Concert in collaboration with Schola Cantorum Jubilate at Ta' Pinu Basilica on July 3 at 7:30 pm

The Summit Choral Society's Children Touring Choir from Akron, Ohio is presenting a concert of sacred music benefitting the restoration of the Ta' Pinu National Shrine in Gozo. "Sing!" is the theme of the 2009 Incantato Performance Tour to Sicily and Malta. The simple word "Sing" or "Kanta" in Maltese and "Canta" in Italian sums up the joy of bringing people together through music. The youth choir with 42 voices is directed by Mrs. Arlene Jacobs. The singers present a repertoire of classical and modern works from European and American composers and also an original composition written especially for the journey to the islands by American composer Dorn Younger who will be joining the choir on tour. The concert is organized in collaboration with Schola Cantorum Jubilate from Gozo and thus the American singers added a composition by Maltese composer Paul Portelli to their repertoire. A special highlight will be a clinic with Marouska Attard from Schola Cantorum Jubilate prior to the benefit concert at Ta´ Pinu. Ms. Attard will be singing two soli during the concert and is also going to conduct the American youth when they sing Portelli’s “Jesu dulcis memoria”. The concert starts at 7:30 pm and the entrance is free. Donations are appreciated.

The concert starts at 7:30 pm, the audience is kindly asked to be seated by 7:15 pm.

Ta' Pinu was built in a neo-romantic style which means that the designer rejected or abandoned the use of the devices of avant-garde modernism and followed an older tradition. This is a national shrine and a center of pilgrimages for both the Gozitans and the Maltese as it is told on several accounts that the voice of Mary has been heard from inside. The present church was started in 1920 and consecrated in 1931.

The SCS Concert Postcard is fresh of the press

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Incantato Destination - Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk is a traditional fishing village located in the southeaster part of Malta, with a small population of 3,205 people. The village's name comes from marsa, which means "port" and xlokk, which is the local name for "southeast". The bay is memorable for the many decorative "eyed" boats, called luzzus. The painted eyes on the luzzus are believed to protect the boats from the evil eye.

Marsaxlokk is the foremost fishing village and perhaps has the most picturesque seaside in Malta.

Overlooking the northern arm of Marsaxlokk Bay is the hill of Tas-Silg, an archaeological site containg remains of megalithic temples of the Tarzien phase. Bronze Age material was also found scatter around the area.

It is in the "bay of the sirocco" (Xlokk) where the first Phoenicians landed and set up trading posts on Malta, during the ninth century BC. During the Great Siege, Marsaxlokk harbor was also used as an anchor area by the Turkish fleet. Sirocco is related to the name for the dry wind that blows from the Sahara, comparable to the equivalent catalan word, "xaloc".

Incantato Destination - Syracuse

Syracuse, AKA Siracusa is a historic city in southern Sicily known for its rich Greek history, culture, amphitheaters, architecture and association to Achimedes. Playing an important role in ancient times as one of the top powers of the Mediterranean world; it is over 2,700 years old. Syracuse is located in the southeast corner of Sicily, right by the Gulf of Syracuse in the Ionion Sea.

Syracuse was founded by the Ancient Greek Corinthians and became a very powerful city-state. It was allied with Sparta and Corinth, and had strong influence over the entire Magna Grecia area of which made it the most important city. After Palermo surpassed the importance of Syracuse it was named the capital of the Kingdom of Sicily. Later, it united with the Kingdom of Naples which formed the Two Sicilies until the Italian unification of 1860.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Incantato Destination - Taormina

During the 19th and 20th centuries Taormina became a colony of expatriate artists, writers, and intellectuals. It is said that the paintings of Otto Geleng, a German painter, made Taormina a popular destination. He went to Taormina in search of new subjects to paint but then was so enamored by the landscape that he decided to stay for part of the winter. After his stay in Taormina, he returned to his home in Berlin to exhibit his work. He was accused to having an “unbridled imagination” (uncontrolled). He was upset about this comment and thus challenged these critics to go to Taormina with him, offering to pay for their travels if they still felt he wasn’t painting the truth...

Incantato Destination - Avola

Avola is in the province of Siracusa and has been rebuilt in a modern "grid" after it was destroyed by a terrible earthquake in 1693. According to the Rennaissance design, a large square piazza surrounded by other smaller piazzas marks the heart of a town.

Avola Antica, the ancient city, in the Monte Aquilone district, is of historical interest with the ruins of the medieval city and features that testify to the existence of prehistoric settlements at the site.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Are you excited about the tour?

Dear singers, family and friends of the SCS Touring Choir. This blog has been created for you, so please make good use of it. Feel free to comment to any posts or email us to info@incantatours.com if you wish to become a contributor yourself and will grant you writer privileges. Our Incantato Tour Team will post pictures and videos once the choir is abroad and we encourage you to check back frequently. For all of us, with warm regards Sandra

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SCS Touring Choir Performance Tour 2009 - Performance Overview

Dear SCS Touring Choir singers, here is an overview of your confirmed performance appointments...enjoy!

June 28th at 8:00 PM Concert at Santa Caterina Duomo, Taormina

June 29th at 8:30 PM Concert at Chiesa di San Carlo al Corso, Noto

June 30th at 7:30 PM Concert at Duomo San Giorgio, Modica

July 1st at 6:30 PM SCS Touring Choir sings High Mass and presents a Benefit Concert at St. Helen Church, Birkirkara

July 3rd at 7:30 PM Concert at Ta' Pinu Basilica, Gozo

July 4 at 6:00 PM SCS Touring Choir sings High Mass at St. John’s Co- Cathedral, Valetta

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SCS 2009 Performance Tour - Day by Day Itinerary

Thursday, June 25

5:45 PM Departure from Detroit Metro Wayne Airport on Lufthansa LH 443 DTW to FRA

Friday, June 26

7:30 AM Arrive Frankfurt Airport

Clear Immigration (luggage is checked through to Malta)

10:25 AM Depart Frankfurt on Lufthansa LH 4218

12:45 AM Arrive Malta MLA

Proceed to baggage claim, collect your bags, and then go to the arrivals area.

Meet your Tour Manager

Stefania La Rosa

Board coach with luggage

Pastizzi Tasting for Lunch followed by an orientation tour of Malta prior to continuing the journey to Sicily

Ice-Cream welcome by Incantato Tours

6:00 PM Arrival at Harbor

6:30 PM Depart Malta to Pozzallo via boat (bus remains in Malta)

8:00 PM Arrival in Pozzallo, board Sicilian touring coach with luggage and depart to hotel

9:00 PM Check-in at Hotel Principe d’Aragona

Address: Corso Umberto I n. 281

97015 Modica (Ragusa)

Tel: 0039 0932 756 041

Website: http://www.hotelprincipedaragona.it/

Dinner at Hotel

Overnight at Hotel

Saturday, June 27Catania

____AM Morning Call

Meet your Tour Manager

Board coach with luggage

10:30 AM Depart hotel for Catania

1:00 PM Arrival in Catania

Lunch on own, orientation tour and time for exploring and shopping in chaperone groups

4:00 PM Depart Catania

4:45 PM Arrive at hotel Primavera dell'Etna

Address: Via Cassone, 86 \ 95019 Zafferana Etnea (Ct)

Tel: 0039 095 7082348

Website: http://www.hotel-primavera.it/

Check-in and free-time to enjoy the pool prior to the shadow tour’s arrival

7:15 PM Welcome dinner with the shadow tour guests at the Hotel

Overnight at Hotel

Sunday, June 28 - Acireale

_____AM Morning Call, Breakfast

Meet your Tour Manager

9:00 AM Depart from Hotel

10:00 AM Arrival in Etna Park and visit with guide of the park

11:00 AM Depart from Etna

12:30 PM Arrival in Acireale

Lunch on own

2:00 PM Guided Tour of Acireale

2:45 PM Depart from Acireale to Taomina

3:40 PM Arrival in Taormina

Visit Taormina & the Greek Theatre

5:30 PM End guided tour

6:00 PM Dinner at Restaurant Bella Blu Taormina

7:00 PM Rehearsal

8:00 PM Concert at Santa Caterina Duomo

Thereafter: Ice-cream treat, then return to hotel

Overnight at Primavera dell'Etna Hotel

Monday, June 29 – Siracusa/Noto

____AM Morning Call, Breakfast

Meet your Tour Manager

Board coach with luggage

8:15 AM Depart from Hotel to Siracusa

10:00 AM Arrival in Siracusa

Guided city tour of Siracusa and a visit to Archeo Park

1:00 PM End of tour

1:15 PM Departure from Siracusa for Avola

1:45 PM Arrival in Avola

Lunch at farmhouse Masseria Sul Mare

3:45 PM Departure from Avola to

Lido di Noto

4:10 PM Arrival in Lido di Noto at Hotel Helios

Address: Viale Lido, Noto Marina - Siracusa, Italia

Tel: +39 0931 812366

Website: http://www.hotelclub-helios.it/

Check in

5.15pm Departure from Hotel to


5:40 PM Arrival in Noto

Dinner on own

7:00 PM Rehearsal

8:30 PM Performance at Chiesa di San Carlo al Corso

Return to hotel

Overnight at Hotel Helios

Tuesday, June 30 – Scicli/Modica

____AM Morning Call, Breakfast

9:00 AM Depart hotel


10:30 AM Arrival in Ragusa

10:45 AM Guided city tour

12:00 AM Departure from Ragusa to Scicli

1:00 PM Arrival in Scicli

Lunch on own

Guided tour

3:00 PM Departure from Scicli to


3:25 PM Arrive at Modica

Guided tour of Modica + Chocolate tasting at Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

5:00 PM End of tour

6:30 PM Rehearsal

7:30 PM Concert at Duomo San Giorgio

9:00 PM Departure for Restaurant

9:15 PM Dinner at Agriturismo Melograno

Return to Hotel Helios

Overnight at Hotel

Wednesday, July 01 - Malta

_____ AM Morning Call, Breakfast

Board coach with luggage

7:30 AM Depart hotel for Harbor

8:30 AM Arrival

9:15 AM Ferry transfer to Malta

10:45 AM Arrival in Malta

Orientation tour of Malta

Lunch on own and free time

2:30 PM Arrival and check-in at Paradise Bay Resort Hotel

Address: Cirkewwa, MLH 0968 - Malta, Europe

Tel: (356) 21 521166

Website: http://www.paradise-bay.com/pbh/en/index.shtml

___ PM Transfer to rehearsal

6:30 PM SCS Touring Choir sings High Mass and presents a Benefit Concert at St. Helen Church, Birkirkara

8:30 PM Dinner at Hotel

Overnight at Hotel

Thursday, July 02 – La Valetta/Marsaxlokk

____ AM Morning Call, Breakfast

Meet your Tour Manager

_____AM Depart hotel to La Valletta
9:00 AM Guided city tour of La Valletta including entrance to Grand Palace

12:00 PM End of tour

Lunch on own

2:00 PM Visit of fishing village of Marsaxlokk

_____ PM Exchange with local students and performance in St Julian’s (TBC)

9:00 PM Dinner at Restaurant Surfside

Overnight at Hotel

Friday, July 03

____AM Morning Call, Breakfast

Meet your Tour Manager

9:00 AM Depart hotel go to Gozo

Take the ferry boat
Guided tour of Gozo

Lunch on own in Xlendi

Clinic with Marouska Attard

Visit Basilica Ta’ Pinu


7:30 PM Peformance in Ta' Pinu Basilica

____ Depart Gozo

Overnight at hotel

Saturday, July 04 – Mdina/La Valetta

____AM Morning Call, Breakfast

Meet your Tour Manager

9:00 AM Depart hotel

Excursion of Malta including a visit to the Hagar Qim Temple site

Lunch on own

____ Visit Mdina

3:30 PM End tour

6:00 PM SCS Touring Choir sings High Mass at St. John’s Co- Cathedral

Continue to experience a local Festa and arriverderci party for the shadow tour guests

Return to Paradise Bay Resort Hotel

Overnight at hotel

Sunday, July 05 – Day at leisure with activities yet to be determined

____AM Morning Call, Breakfast

Meet your Tour Manager

7:00 PM Farewell Dinner at restaurant Razzett L-Antik


Monday, July 06 - Return to USA

The SCS Touring Choir 2009 Incantato Poster

Monday, June 8, 2009

About the SCS Touring Choir

The Summit Children’s Touring Choir, under the direction of Mrs. Arlene Jacobs is touring Malta and Sicily this summer, June 25th – July 6th 2009. They serve as performance ambassadors for the whole of the Summit Choral Society in Akron, Ohio.

In recent years they have been involved in performances of such large scale works as Brahms' Liebeslieder Waltzes, Mendelssohn's Elijah, Monteverdi's 1610 Vespers, Verdi’s Quattro Pezzi Sacri and William Mathias' Jonah. They have also been prominently featured in the Summit Choral Society’s three major commissioned works one of which was premiered in Beijing, China in collaboration with the China Children’s Choir of Beijing and the Indianapolis Children’s Choir.

During the past decade, the SCS Touring Choir has been featured in state, regional and national choral conferences. They have appeared as part of international music festivals in England, Hawaii, China and Italy and in June of 2007 experienced their first independent international tour giving concerts to capacity crowds in the German cities of Speyer and Chemnitz; Czech Republic cities of Chulmec and Prague; and in Vienna, Austria singing High Mass at the famous Stefansdom as well as a benefit concert in St. Anna Kirche – proceeds of which went to the children’s cancer unit of Vienna’s St. Anna Hospital. This coming summer the SCC Touring choir will embark on their second independent international tour to Malta and Sicily in the heart of the Mediterranean.

The SCS Touring Choir Director - Mrs. Arlene Jacobs

Mrs. Arlene Jacobs holds a Bachelor and Masters degree in Music Education from DePauw University (Greencastle, Indiana). She has taught public school music in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and California and is in her twentieth year teaching vocal music, K-4, at Arrowhead Primary School in the Copley/ Fairlawn School District. She is known as one of the most successful school music educators in Northeast Ohio and has appeared as a guest clinician for children's choir festivals and clinics around the state of Ohio. Mrs. Jacobs is in her sixteenth season as director of the Touring Choir of the Summit Children's Choir Program.

The SCS Touring Choir Accompanist - Mrs. Kathy Reichenberger

Mrs. Kathy Reichenberger received her Bachelor of Music degree from Southwest Baptist University and her Masters degree in piano from the University of Akron. She has accompanied for many choral ensembles including those at the University of Missouri, Southwest Baptist University, Vennard College, and is currently on the piano faculty at Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio. This is her twelfth year serving as accompanist for the SCC Touring Choir and has been an integral part in their growing success in and outside of the program.

SCS Touring Choir is getting ready for the 2009 Italy and Malta Performance Tour

The Summit Touring Choir under the direction of Mrs. Arlene Jacobs is getting ready for its second independent international performance tour. The 40+ singers from Akron, Ohio (USA) are touring Sicily and Malta from June 26 to July 6, 2009. "Sing!" is the theme of the 2009 Incantato Tour and this simple word sums up the joy of bringing people together through music. The choir brings a repertoire of classical and modern works from European and American composers. A special highlight is an original composition written especially for the journey to the islands by American composer Dorn Younger who will be joining the choir on tour.