Monday, July 6, 2009

SCS Touring Choir bids farewell to 2009 Sicily and Malta

The SCS Touring Choir departed Malta on July 6 after touring Sicily & Malta with Incantato for twelve days. Six performances in prime venues, two exchanges, 7000 year old temples, ancient Greek theatres, amazing cathedrals, interesting museums... and last not least wonderful food and fun at the beaches, the group of 52 from Akron, Ohio and the Summit Choral Society surely kept busy. Incantato Tour Manager Stefania bid farewell to the group at the airport on Monday morning and all of us with them a safe return home.

For more pictures, visit Choir Manager William Cook's photo album


  1. Sandra -

    Thank you so much for all of the planning that went into this wonderful tour. The singers and adults have many wonderful memories, and the venues for concerts were magnificent!

    I also very much appreciate your efforts in preparing this blog especially for us. It not only saved me much time, but provided almost real-time coverage for parents and families at home. We are still linked to it in a big way, and you should be receiving hits for a long time to come.

    Please express our appreciation to Stefania for her guidance and support as well.

    Thanks again, and it was great to have a chance to meet your family!


    Bill Cook - Summit Touring Ensemble Choir Manager

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